Hi, my name is Abigail Paterson and I’m the creator of this blog.


This is my first time one, so bare with me if I’ve made mistakes and feel free to send me some thumbs up if you think that my blog helps you. This is a blog of two sisters and, in combination, twins who find happiness in cooking, as well as books, a camera that has already become a continuation of their hands, and life itself.

I live in peace (and this world lives in me), where cooking, cooking (there is such a word? Now will be) is not considered a boring and routine occupation of housewives – this is a process of creation, similar to the art in which you are immersed in your head, you enjoy it, and, most importantly, you are incredibly enthusiastic because of the final result.

And – “the most important thing is that you can share this result with others, as if passing your love to them through the food you have prepared.Therefore, I created this blog – a place where I could document the history of each recipe I am implementing, as well as just micro managing the life that make me happy.

If you have some recipes that you want to share, just let me know by contact me via email.  Who knows we may have the chance to collaborate together.