Black Mold in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are an important room in the house. They’re the place where we can relieve ourselves, bathe, shower, and prep for the day. As such, we need a lot of water running through the pipes of this room. Whenever that happens, there can be moisture problems, especially if the pipes get old.

Bathrooms and restrooms are usually fit with waterproof sheetrock. If the home is older, it is possible that the bathroom doesn’t have waterproof sheetrock. If that is the case, it can be very problematic later and can develop water damage. Even if you do have waterproof sheetrock, pipes can still leak. This can develop into mold.

There are ways to remove it at

If you ever have a mold issue, it can be pretty bad for your health. This is especially true if it is black mold. Because so much water travels through the bathroom, it is very likely it will eventually have a leak. Black mold is terrible and has a high chance of developing in this room since there’s so much water.

If you ever smell it in the air, don’t try to ignore it. Mold can become an even bigger problem if you don’t stop it from spreading. Nipping it in the bud is better than leaving it to grow!

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