Common Causes of Road Traffic Accidents

Within this guide we're going to take look at the most frequent causes of road traffic injuries, in turn, resulting in accident compensation claims being created.


Many injuries are brought on by motorists that are drunk from drugs or alcohol. You can hire the experts for professional traffic engineering.

Lousy Weather

Among the largest causes of road traffic injuries is poor weather conditions. The weather may cause poor visibility or trigger poor traction on the street surface that can consequently cause vehicles colliding with each other or items like walls.

Other sudden weather conditions like flash flood and black ice may result in accidents as it would be to late to discover it before it's influenced you.

Driver Error

Possibly the most significant cause of road traffic injuries now is driver error. All these are range from subsequent cars too tightly, falling asleep at the wheel, driving too quickly, dangerous overtaking and a lot of other careless and unnecessary errors.


This is associated with driver error but is much more about the driver being distracted by something beyond the vehicle or within the vehicle.

Many injuries are brought on by drivers really being diverted by another mishap occurring on the street. Road Design

Sometimes accidents are brought on by poor road layout. This can be when a portion of the street or traffic management has been badly positioned or designed and may cause increased injuries in the region. 

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