Important Features of Boat Anchor


Before purchasing a new boat, you need to consider about the anchors. Anchors are quite handy whether you go stop your boat for a swim or stay in the waters for the night. Using anchors have a lot of benefits in keeping everyone safe, including the boat. These are some of the important features of anchors.

  • Pulpit –Certain boats allow you to place the anchor roller along with the anchor on front of the bow. Addition of a pulpit reduces the chance of damage when the anchor is used.
  • Bow Rail –Bow Rails are required to be placed in front of the boat. Bolts and plates are fastened on the bow rails to make anchoring way easier as well as from any future damage to the hull.
  • Chocks – These are quite handy during the use of 2 anchors allowing you to keep the line in one single place. Chocks also keeps the rode away from damaging other hardware such as the navigation light etc.
  • Bow Rollers –Whenever a boats windlass is used, Bow Rollers become very handy. Also, bow rollers also keep the rode coming in contact with it.
  • Chain Stop – They are used to keep the anchor in placed inside the roller. There are various types of chain stop such as cable and hook used today.

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