Wallcovering Tips for Your Home Decor

Putting wallcovering onto your walls is one of the easiest and quickest methods to completely alter the mood and appearance of a room. Designer Wallcovering comes in an extensive range of textures, styles, designs and colors.

There are a few things that you should know to select and purchase the perfect background for your room. To begin with, you need to measure how much wallcovering is needed for the project at hand.

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Therefore here is a general formula to help you find out. First assess the height and width that needs to be covered. Then make certain to bring an extra 10 -15% to cover for waste.

Actually it is a great idea to buy a few extra rolls too, especially if you've got an intricate pattern which requires it. And besides, if you might need to get repairs later on anyway, so using an excess roll or two available can be used in the future.

One caution to be aware of regarding background is that because of the production procedure, rolls which will appear to be same at the store will not always look that way when you actually put them onto the wall.

This is the reason, wallcoverings come in dye lots that detect the find rolls that actually match. So be sure as you undergo and select the wallcovering that you look for the rolls which come from the same dye lot.